[2007-11-23] Spirally clabels serve noble function with novel form

The product consists of a set of variously-colored, write-on tags with rubber spirals on the ends through which the cord to be labelled can be wound.

Cable-spaghetti is a fact of modern life. Good cable discipline requires that slack be wound up and secured in loops with cable ties, and at least one end of each cable labelled with the name of the connected device. There are lots of ways to label cables ("cable" + "label" = "clabel?") and most of them are not nearly so expensive as this. In fact, I can't say I advocate shelling out nearly a dollar per label for these nifty widgets, and when I have to do it myself I use thermally-printed tape labels that cost fractions of a cent each. What attracted my attention to these doodads from The Container Store was their unusual and beautifully functional helical form, like the snake of the caduceus. It's a very interesting solution to the problem, and although I think it's overkill in this case it leaves me wondering if there might not be other more appropriate applications.

last modified 2007-11-23