[2007-12-14] Sweep the leg

A white T-shirt with an image of evil sensai John Kreese from 'The Karate Kid' and text reading 'SWEEP. THE. LEG.'

So this past semester I've been TAing Dr. Brent Iverson's sophomore organic chemistry course, and among my fellow TAs is a guy named Mark, who's quite clever and funny and really helps to make our long grading sessions more enjoyable with his wit. One of Mark's favorite expressions is "to sweep the leg," as in, for instance, "I was so fed up with that student I was totally about to sweep the leg." The phrase, of course, originates in The Karate Kid, during the climactic tournament scene, when evil Kobra Kai sensai John Kreese (played by Martin Kove) instructs star pupil Bobby Brown (Ron Thomas) to "sweep" Daniel-san's already-injured leg as an underhanded tactic to ensure victory. I made two of these at T-shirts.com, gave one to Mark, and kept one for myself.

last modified 2007-12-14