[2007-12-16] David Lynch's birds

The bird from the closing scene of 'Blue Velvet.'  It looks very artificial and has a bug in its mouth.

It occured to me while watching an episode of Twin Peaks recently that the bird at the beginning of the credits looks a lot like the bird from the end of Blue Velvet. I started to wonder whether or not this was deliberate intertextuality on somebody's part. So I went back and took a screen capture of each bird to compare them side-by-side. Turns out there are pretty clear differences between them, but their colors and the framing of the shots are strikingly similar. The Blue Velvet bird is obviously artifical and has a bug in its mouth, and the Twin Peaks bird looks like it may be real, and has no bug, but they are enough alike that it's probably intentional, in my opinion.

The bird from the opening credits of 'Twin Peaks.' It looks real and has no bug in its mouth.

last modified 2007-12-16