[2008-03-12] LOLbabez is like LOLcats but with models

Skinny Chinese model with caption 'i cant haz cheez burger'.

So I'm sure some Web 2.0 diva passed a rule some time ago banning further LOLnoun derivatives, but I couldn't resist this one, in part because I think it has some redeeming social and political value. Captioning is one of the most accessible ways for people to "talk back" to the largely unidirectional advertising media that bombard them every day, and as such it's a valuable means for folks to assert their own identities against the monoculture pressing down on them from above. And perhaps no medium is so in need of a little sassy back-talk as fashion photography, because it's arguably guilty of the most heinous offenses against human identity. To that end, I submit LOLbabez to a candid world.

Rippling male fashion model suspended between two chairs with caption--'rigor mortis / your doin it wrong'.
Stoned looking boggle-eyed girl with caption--'OMG dat is liek so SPIRITCHULE'.
Patrick Bateman-esque male model with caption--'id like to cut u up wif a chanesaw'.
Elvish Tyra Banks with crazy pink hair and caption--'SHAZZAM im heer 2 kil u'.
Depressed-looking female model on bed with football under pillow in background and caption--'i gess i wil neber findz ma futbol'.
Pouty naked boy holding single woman's shoe with caption--'dis shu is all das lef of ma fambily'.

last modified 2008-03-12