[2008-06-10] Recycling solvent can handles

Two-gallon metal solvent can as it comes from the hardware store, with arrow indicating integral handle to be reused.
Homemade sand 'riddle' (screen) featuring recycled solvent can handles bent around the frame members and secured with screws.

This thing is a sieve for sifting green sand for metal casting. What's interesting about it is the use of recycled 1-gallon solvent can tops as handles. I got this idea from a photo, shown below, in the remarkably-ahead-of-its-time April 1983 issue of National Geographic, which had a beautiful cover story about creative reuse before the term was even coined. If you have the means to safely remove the can tops without too much work, this trick can come in handy. The can tops can be left flat, bent around a member, or cut away as necessary for the application.

Two gallon solvent can lids cut off and nailed to wooden double doors as improvised pulls.

last modified 2008-06-10