[2008-09-10] Unsubtle Satanic overtones in South Austin retail signage

Satanic panic, in my opinion, is a considerably more interesting phenomenon than actual Satanism, and considerably more destructive to boot. Which is my way of pointing out, by way of disclaimer, that I'm not the sort who usually goes around worrying about covert devil-worship. I'm just curious, really, and would love to know the story behind the branding of Morning Star Trading Company, an apparently-harmless retail outfit now based in South Austin that sells aromatherapy and massage products. Their sign, shown above, seems too obvious a nod to the Prince of Lies to be accidental: Besides the rather well-known fact that the Latin name for Venus, the so-called "Morning Star," is Lucifer (literally "Light-Bringer"), there's the fairly obvious inverted-cross arrangement of the sign itself, as well as clear indications that its profile is intended to suggest a star falling from Heaven.

To make matters worse, I recently noticed that the building their storefront is located in is a desecrated church. The photo below shows the south end of the structure at night, which clearly used to bear an illuminated cross, now conspicuously absent.

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