[2008-09-20] Colonial Robotics Model 2041A Autonomous Enforcer

6-view of the Model 2041A rendered with LDView.  Click for larger image.

A couple of years ago I went through an adult LEGO phase. I was especially geeked out about LEGO mecha, builders of which exist in a fascinating subculture of the LEGO hobby. At the time, there was only the Mecha folder on Brickshelf (which I monitored religiously), and the Mecha forum at Lugnet, and the now-defunct Lego Mecha Hall of Fame site to guide the uninitiated. Since that time, Bryce McGlone and Mark Neumann's MechaHub site has appeared and done a lot to organize the hobby and make it accessible to more folks.

This is the best of my personal designs that came out of this period. The pictures on this page were produced using components of the fantastic LDraw software package, having been built in MLCad and rendered with LDView. The views were pasted together and captioned with Photoshop. The .ldr file is here. If you have LDraw installed, that file contains everything you need to know to build this model yourself.

Isometric view of the Model 2041A.

Oh, and for the record: This model was physically designed and built before porting to LDraw, unlike many "virtual LEGO" models that have never actually stood the test of gravity. It has good articulation and balance. The only reason I haven't included a photo is that the prototype is motley-colored, having been constructed from whatever color bricks I happened to have on hand.

last modified 2008-09-20