[2009-03-05] Original police report from Wayne murders

A confidential source, highly placed within Gotham City Hall, recently provided this reporter with a late draft copy of the responding officer's report on the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne on the night of June 6, 1939. The official report, famously missing from the Gotham City PD's archives since the early '60s, has been the subject of much speculation for conspiracy theorists, and if this document may be taken at face value it will only add fuel to that fire. The fact that there seem to have been several drafts of the report is itself suspicious, but most damning of all is the scribbled notation on the last page, signed with the single initial "G." The handwriting is apparently that of Gillian B. Loeb, Gotham's notoriously corrupt police commissioner at the time of the slayings. The report was apparently discovered in a locked document safe in the attic of the municipal courthouse during the course of the recent renovations.

last modified 2009-03-05