[2009-06-29] Photos of stealth police car

I'm not much of a gear-head, usually, nor much of a police groupie, but ever since I first saw one of these newer "low visibility" police cars I've been sort of fascinated with them. The visual effect of the paint job is hard to capture photographically, and at night it can be especially spectacular as the text is reflective while the background isn't. There aren't many good photographs of them online, that I've been able to find, so I'd been playing with the half-formed notion of going on a photo-hunt to capture a few of my own.

Turns out all I had to do was wait. Last week I walked out of the barber shop and discovered this shiny new interceptor parked in the lot outside. It puts me in mind of all kinds of ridiculous plaudits from the eighties: Rockin'! Wicked! Bitchin'! Take your pick. Just don't think too hard about the political implications of stealth police cars.

I've been getting a lot of people e-mailing me with their own stealth police car photos--more than is practical for me to manage manually tracking and posting to this page--so I've set up a public Stealth Police Car Flickr pool that anyone with a Flickr account can use. Please take the time to geo-tag and date your photos, if you can!

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