[2009-07-28] Fast wooden rings by nesting hole saws

Among my other nefarious pursuits, I'm a fair hand at contact juggling, which, literally, takes lots of balls. I have solid acrylic balls in several translucent colors, some battery-operated glowing balls, and a couple of "safe" balls made of rubber for practicing around breakable stuff. They're a pain to store because they roll everywhere, and many of them are pretty sweet-looking and worth displaying. So, I figured out how to make wooden display rings by nesting two hole saws on the same arbor, as shown in the photo.

As usual when operating a hole say, drill the pilot hole first, then cut about halfway through the board from one side, flip it over, and finish the cut from the other side. Stain and seal, or otherwise finish to taste. The ring shown here is cut from standard 3/4" (1" nominal) pine board. You could also use this trick for napkin rings, or bracelets, or perhaps to make a small circular box.

last modified 2009-07-28