[2010-01-19] The Lost Room spoof eBay listing

I'm a big fan of the SyFy original series The Lost Room (Wikipedia). In June of last year, I managed to run down, on eBay, an original Phinney-Walker folding alarm clock of the exact same model that appears in the show as "The Clock." I'd been interested in the idea of a pseudoepistolary eBay listing for a long time, and this seemed like a great chance to try it out. I listed the item on eBay with an "in-universe" description, as thought it were actually "The Clock." I didn't get any bids (which is for the best, I wasn't really trying to sell the thing), but I did get a couple of amusing "in universe" questions that I did my best to answer in character. You can click on the image above to see the original listing at full size. The video that accompanied the listing, purporting to show The Clock's "indestructibility," is embedded below.

last modified 2010-01-19