[2010-05-10] Rifle magazine loaded with AA batteries

When I was a kid I read in a James Bond role-playing game supplement called The Q Manual about a thing called a "burst battery," which is supposed to be a battery that gives a huge amount of energy very quickly--a capacitor, really. I used to imagine a laser rifle that mechanically fed such batteries in a "clip" arrangement just like a modern military rifle, with each battery providing just enough electrical energy for one shot. I think that idea was connected to this one. For the average human being, there's no real good reason to put chemical batteries in a magazine like this other than the "cool" factor. I keep mine by my game console so I can pop fresh batteries in the wireless controller when I need them. I suppose it could be an interesting marketing gimmick for battery manufacturers, but they'd probably have to manufacture a custom magazine for the purpose. Shown here is a straight 10-round AR-15 magazine. With slight modification (see image below), it holds and feeds 6 AA batteries without many problems, but it's still about 1 cm longer from front to back than it needs to be. I've not had any success locating a firearm shell or cartridge that has approximately the same length and diameter as a standard AAA, AA, C, or D cell. Inevitably those with appropriate diameters are too long. I'd love to hear with anyone with better information or knowledge about ammunition.

last modified 2010-05-10